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Western Ghats Sentinel Landscapes (World Agroforestry Centre)
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Agroforestry systems (coffee, tea, rubber, pepper, arecanut, cardamom) shape much of Western Ghats in India. Commercial agriculture in this area has existed for centuries. Now, these commercial crops reach the margins of protected areas. In many cases, the only forests left are small sections which are either community-managed (i.e. sacred forests) or privately owned.
We propose an Sentinel Landscape located in the central section of the mountain range, from Goa to the Palakkad Gap, spanning across Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. All the ecosystem services in the intended areas express different spatial scales in different landscape contexts. Understanding the dynamics between tree cover, biodiversity and the variety of ecosystem services is a predominant issue in such landscapes.
One major undertaking will be to include 'dis-services' in the equation. We cannot fully understand the relationship between people and forests without incorporating what the costs of living in close proximity to forest entails: crop loss to wildlife, transmission of diseases, insecurity, etc. Resolving economic and environmental trade-offs is similarly important, and a scientifically and politically informed framework to understand the trade-offs between services and between stakeholders, and the imbalance between actors can help define the outcomes of proposed policies of natural resources management.
Site selection:
1. Kodagu
2. Chamarajanagar
3. Wayanad
4. Nilgiris
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Feb 10, 2020
Garcia, Claude;Siddappa, Setty;Baraka, Paul;Gassner, Anja, 2015, "Western Ghats Village Level Baseline",, World Agroforestry - Research Data Repository, V5, UNF:6:lrSuprmO6LJAV1VQz/DUvg== [fileUNF]
This study consists of village level baseline data and other related materials generated as part of the ‘Sentinel Landscapes’ initiative. The village level baseline data was collected using four survey protocols designed by the International Forest Resources and Institutions (IFR...
Oct 23, 2017
Devagiri, Guddappa M.;Kushalappa, C.G.;Ravikumar, D.;Anilkumar, Khaple;Siddappa, Setty;Javed, Rizvi;Pal, Singh;Sanjay Tomar;Maruti Gurav;Anand, M.;Anithraj, H.B.;Shashi Bhushan Mishra;Baraka, Paul;Gassner, Anja;Chiputwa, Brian;Makui, Parmutia, 2015, "Western Ghats Household Baseline",, World Agroforestry - Research Data Repository, V7, UNF:6:EgIL6u6ztKMOpEL34n6QEg== [fileUNF]
This study consists of sex-disaggregated data and other related materials generated as part of the Sentinel Landscapes Network household survey baseline in Westen Ghats sentinel site in India. A total of 1109 households were surveyed between July & September 2014 and April to Jul...
Oct 23, 2017
Devagiri, Guddappa M.;Winowiecki, Leigh;Vagen, Tor-Gunnar;Ravikumar, D.;Anilkumar, Khaple;Londhe, Sunil;Rizvi, Javed;Singh, Pal;Sanjay Tomar;Kushalappa, C.G.;Gurav, Maruti;Anand, M.;Anithraj, B.;Mishra, Shashi, 2016, "Land and Soil Health Assessment in the Western Ghats Sentinel Landscape",, World Agroforestry - Research Data Repository, V3, UNF:6:uPGhBOpQkqoQLfx8YaybQQ== [fileUNF]
The LDSF was carried out at two-100 km2 sites within the Western Ghats Sentinel Landscape in India: Madikeri, Amrutha, Kupaddy, Nilgris. Field teams were trained by Leigh Winowiecki and Tor-Gunnar Vågen in 2013 and field surveys were completed in 2016. The LDSF is a spatially str...
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